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LeeU Worship - The Album

The release of this initial album is a collection of songs, written, arranged, and recorded by students.  This collection is made up of 10 original songs ranging in style from the typical up tempo layered electronic sound, powerful ballads, and a modern hymn based on the text from the NT text the early church sang.  The lyrics are full of biblical truth, and honest heart cry’s to God.

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Night of Worship - Fall 2016

Alumni and Friends

  • Jordan Smith
    Being a part of the LeeU Worship band was a highlight of my time at Lee University. I learned, during that time, that there is a place between preparedness and spontaneity where a team of worship leaders can operate most effectively. I also learned the power of creativity when it's combined with hard work, as we continuously set new goals and pushed the limits past what everyday church looked like. It's that hard work, that passion to engage the body of Christ in fresh, genuine ways, that fuels this ministry and will reach beyond the four walls of and auditorium or even the streets of a college campus.
  • Micah Massey
    I’ll always remember with a smile the time I had as a worship leader with LeeU Worship. It was definitely one of the highlights of my season at Lee. There was nothing like joining with my fellow students a couple times a week to worship and put all of our hope in Jesus. What a blessing for college students who are in such a critical stage of life to join together and worship! My involvement on the team prepared me for the days ahead, where I would step out into ministry and serve as a worship pastor in the local church. I’m forever grateful for my experience.
  • Jonathan Etienne
    Anchors & arrows. Weight & honor. Community & honesty. We came in as individuals, but we grew into a family. We had the honor and opportunity to lead our peers in honest worship. Through the stretching and growing, we found freedom & we found ourselves. Now I Sing Freedom For All My Days. I will never forget the gift of the LeeU Worship Band.<br /> It was an honor & I pray the torch that is passed to the next leaders will continue to grow brighter & brighter for the Kingdom.

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